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Building A Prayer Culture

My house shall be called a house of prayer. – Matthew 21:13

Prayer is the essential foundation for the ministry of the church. Central to ecclesiology is the development of a culture of expectant prayer. Churches across Arkansas are developing active prayer ministries and joining together in regional prayer movements. Arkansas for Christ strengthens these regional movements and develops resources for churches growing in prayer.


The Intercessory Prayer Team is a cooperative interchurch group of people who pray at strategic times in strategic places. Presently, we will be coordinating teams of intercessors to cover the Arkansas State Capitol in daily prayer during the 2018 Legislative Session February 12 - March 13. To sign up, complete the form below and be sure to select the Intercessory Prayer Team Checkbox.

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The Nehemiah Network is calling on 100 Pastors and Ministry Leaders to gather together regularly in prayer groups across Central Arkansas and engage their congregations in One Voice events. These prayer groups are designed to deepen interchurch relationships and sustain a regional movement of prayer for revival. Arkansas For Christ and the Nehemiah Network provide monthly resources and regional highlights to fuel our groups and churches in prayer.

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“Third Thursday” is a monthly luncheon for prayer leaders with fellowship over lunch, a regional ministry highlight and corporate prayer. Arkansas For Christ organizes this in partnership with the Nehemiah Network as a resource for prayer leaders in Central Arkansas.

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One Voice unites the regional church quarterly for a night of worship and prayer. Pastors, intercessors, and worship teams combine for a truly remarkable experience. The goal is to unite every church in Central Arkansas in prayer for revival once a quarter. Arkansas For Christ coordinates in partnership with the Nehemiah Network. Host churches rotate every quarter with FREE admission.

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Central to our vision is the cultivation of the prayer culture within churches that strengthens every aspect of its community. Arkansas For Christ is developing formative resources and training programs for local church prayer rooms.

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